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I think it was A----- that coined the term "recovering Catholic". It's a fantastically amusing term, but it is, in a lot of ways, so eerily fitting. Those of us who leave the religion behind never fully succeed. When it comes to indoctrinating children for life, Catholic families are some of the best in the business. This doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, mind you. Some of the most upstanding people I know are fervent Catholics, and they're happy for it. More power to them. In light of this, I've always been careful to attack the institution of Catholicism itself, while being wholly respectful of the religion. Can the two of them be separated? Yes, of course. Are they usually though? No, not so much.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings me to the subject of today's entry.

I have long despised the notion of large institutions that masquerade as religions. I'd cite abuses of power starting from The Dark Ages and moving forward to the modern day but I'm really not going to bother with the history lesson. Chances are that most of you already know quite a few of the instances that I'm talking about. This is not an entry about the exploitation of young boys by predators dressed as shepherds. That topic has been discussed to death. No, this is an entry about something far more subtle. Something that you don't see as much (anymore) in the Catholicism's American variant.  

To truly understand what Catholic guilt is, you have to have lived it. Nobody, except maybe daughters of Jewish mothers can liken it to you  without experiencing it firsthand. A lifetime of growing up with it can make you feel like you're never good enough, no matter what you do. Churches in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe have perfected this to a fine art. Branches of the Church present in these regions have managed to incorporate themselves into the very fabric of the societies that they claim to serve. While they feign deference to The Vatican, power hungry priests extort, blackmail, and sin all the while promising salvation with smiles on their faces.

The poor attempt to buy their children a place in heaven with large chunks of their yearly wages, only to be told the year after that their money isn't good anymore. People tithe huge amount of their meager annual wages to Churches to that bishops can live like kings. Don't get me wrong. There are decent men who live and work in local clergies that are untainted by their power. The ones that prefer not to live by the letter of law however, are free not to. In regions like the ones I specified above, clergy can't be arrested, court marshaled or disciplined. They are a law unto themselves.

This problem is every bit as cultural as it is institutional, however. While the Church's insistence on adapting an archaic system of hierarchical power makes these abuses possible, cultural limiters ensure that these problems become nigh impossible to fix. As emigrants leave their homes to create better lives for themselves and their families, traces of these bloodthirsty Churches follow them. My parents, being as religious as they are, have become easy prey for these highway "clergymen".

Over the last five years, my parents have been "gracious" (read: made to feel guilty) enough to give thousands of dollars to local Indian churches.This very evening , we've actually got a priest who has insisted on stopping by to "bless" our house, despite the fact that we had a bishop do the very same thing TWO MONTHS ago. My parents know what's going on. They're helpless to stop it however, because a deadly cocktail of their sociocultural and religious beliefs demand that they smile, nod, and turn the other cheek.

Still. I can't help but think that Jesus will probably high five me if I punch this two-faced "Man of God" squarely in the jaw when he stops by sometime in the next few hours.
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01 April 2010 @ 07:52 pm
I've been told that I sometimes have the habit of being "too nice" - I'd be lying if I said it wasn't true. There are times I genuinely have a hard time saying "NO!" to people despite my better judgment. I’ve certainly gotten better about this fact recently, but I’ve realized that going out on a limb for people is going to cost me a limb one of these days.

I'm really not cut out for "the great outdoors". Really. -_-;Collapse )
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03 March 2010 @ 09:09 pm
So, something interesting happened today. I was supposed to present a group project today alongside a partner that had done none of the work. In the past, I've been gracious enough to let this sort of thing slide, but in the light of 2010's more assertive Abilash, I decided that I absolutely could not let this go. As such, I walked up to my professor during break and bluntly stated that my partner shouldn't receive any credit for the project, because she'd not bothered to do any of the work. As she floundered during her portion of the presentation, I didn't swoop in and rescue her. I let her crash and burn.

This is so strange. I feel bad about this, despite the fact that I know I did the right thing. Shades of the old Abilash still exist, I suppose.
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I was in an accident yesterday.

I've recounted this story about a half-dozen times since yesterday, so I'll just keep it short - I was rear ended on the 60-E. I saw the car coming and attempted to swerve into the breakdown lane, and as such, my car wasn't completely obliterated in the impact. Needless to say, I'm thankful for this, and I'm thankful that I escaped unhurt. I just worry for the health of my car, however. 

That aside, my family's reaction to this incident was effectively the last straw - I've been incredibly patient with them, but I can't really live with them anymore. I've found a place to stay, and will, in all likelihood, be moving out in the next couple of months.

...I guess 2010 really is going to be a year of transformation in many more ways than one. Bring it on, universe!
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12 November 2009 @ 02:49 am
In a lot of ways, I suppose this was inevitable. Breakups suck, but I guess life goes on. It always does.
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29 August 2009 @ 11:18 am
Being back in India means, among other things, dodging marriage proposals that I have no real interest in. That said however, I doubt I'm ever going to find a better offer than Rs. 20,000,000 (~$250,000), and a few acres of choice land for consenting somebody I've never met before.
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07 September 2008 @ 03:48 pm
Like a lot of you on my friends list, I grew up gaming. I shot ducks in duck hunt, headbutted coin blocks in the Mario games, fought aliens in Contra, and got mauled by Mike Tyson in Super Punch Out. These are some of the fondest memories from my youth.

...That said however, video games were always a luxury while I was growing up. I wasn't home for most of the year, and when I was, my gaming habits were strictly controlled - two hours a week was average allowance. That was always okay, though. While I loved to game, I also loved to read, and there were few limits on what I read, or where I did it. You see, while I always loved the fact that video games were wonderful distractions, I loved books because they were, simply put, more immersive. I loved the fact that I was able to better connect with the characters I met in books - they just seemed more human and something that I could relate to more than I could to, say, a hedgehog that could run faster than the speed of sound. Heh.

Despite loving games though, I wasn't very good at a lot of them. I've never beaten a Mario game (except for a fairly easy GB one), a Mega Man game, a Sonic game, or even Duck Hunt. To top it off, my aiming and driving is worse in the virtual world than it is in real life, so in addition to sucking at platformers and action games, I derived very little pleasure out of racing games and shooters (which is fine, because I can't really say that I like guns to begin with).

Because I, uh, failed at video games, I began to play almost two types of games exclusively - fighters and RPGs. Fighters were wonderful because I could beat them within my two hour allotment every week. RPGs were wonderful because their pacing was more deliberate, and they weren't as hectic and demanding (reflex-wise, anyway) as a lot of the other games out there.

Fighters continued to be my favorite until 1997, when Final Fantasy VII first came out. Final Fantasy VII was my first actual Final Fantasy game. While I might have dabbled in the other games before this was the first game in the series that I played to completion - the experience was wonderful, and the story (what little of it wasn't ruined for me by a horrible, horrible, strategy guide) was well-written, and the entire package was wondrous. As much as I loved it though, Final Fantasy VII, was, in the end, just another game.

Little did I realize however, that there was a game on the horizon that would change the way I looked at games forever.

I'd first seen Xenogears when I casually flipped through Final Fantasy VII's booklet for the first time. Upon first seeing it though, I dismissed it as "just another robot game" (what can I say? I don't care much for robots), and moved on with my life. Xenogears however, wasn't quite done with me. Three years later, it wormed its way into my meager collection, and insisted that I was going to play it, whether I wanted to or not. The experience blew my mind.

The game's story was unlike anything I'd ever encountered before. It was rich, complex, full of amazing twists, and epic in every sense of the word - every plot twist, every death, and every revelation had me at the edge of my seat. The story left to stone unturned. It tackled everything - organized religion, child abuse, reincarnation, racism, big government, love, morality, war, and even the very nature of God. At fifteen, it was simply too much. As overwhelmed as I felt though, I was captivated. Despite the fact that I didn't understand all of it, I knew that I'd stumbled onto something special.

Where the story was grand, the characters were complex. Where FFVII had seen me empathize with characters, Xenogears saw me connect with them. Protagonist or antagonist, it didn't matter. I loved them all. Like I said before, Xenogears changed the way I looked at games forever. While I still played games for primarily escapist and cathartic reasons, a good story became important too.

I've since played dozens and dozens of games, and I've seen many a good story. Few however, have managed to captivate me the same way Xenogears' did. Until recently.

The Metal Gear Solid series is huge. Most of my friends that game regularly have played at least one of the games in the series. I however, never did. I'd played a demo of the game back in the PS1 era, and the gameplay just didn't click with me. While I'd found what I'd heard of the story compelling, I'd never bothered, because unlike a few people I know (*coughdaemonxcough*) I'm not capable of playing a game for the story alone. The gameplay has to click. MGS1 simply didn't click with me.

I was left alone in my blissful ignorance until the_n_channel, seemingly out of the blue, decided that I needed to be reintroduced to the series. I was initially less than excited about the prospect, but the promise of finally getting to know the series' story just proved to be too tempting to resist. Well, than, and I didn't really have a choice.

I tried the game again, and it still didn't click with me. It took me THIRTY MINUTES to get out of the first room. I kid you not. Finally giving up on me, Nick decided to play the game in my stead, and I was only more than happy to watch the story unfold in front of me. Needless to say, everything I'd heard about the story was true - it was amazing, captivating, complex, and I found myself thoroughly engrossed to the point where I was almost bothered every time another section of gameplay popped up.

Since Nick was nice enough to buy me MGS4 for my birthday (er, at least I think it was for me), I dove right in. I didn't have the patience to wait for him to come back, so I quickly downloaded a supplementary MGS database that Konami had put up online, and familiarized myself with enough of the story to enjoy the game. A lot of reviewers have complained that the game is too cutscene-heavy and cares more about telling its story than delivering a consistent gameplay experience.

This isn't entirely false. While I found the gameplay a lot more engrossing than it's forefathers', I was amazed by how often (and how long) I put the controller down to watch one of the game's many, many, many, cut-scenes. I didn't care, though. The story was the sole reason I was playing the game, and it delivered. I don't think that I've ever had a story (in a game, movie, book, or whatever) tug at my heartstrings like this for a long, long time. After playing this game, I'd definitely have to rank Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind both the series and its story as one of the most gifted scribes across any form of media.


I'd like to finish this up by asking all of you a question. Tell me something about a story that has touched or changed you - it can be a book, a movie, a game, or just about anything else. I'm curious!
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20 August 2008 @ 11:47 pm
You know, after the debacle that was last year's birthday, I was surprised and overjoyed at how well this birthday went. I am pleased. ♥

Also, in other news I am now TWENTY-FOUR. Gods, do I feel old.
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27 July 2008 @ 04:46 pm
Wow. I'm not even really sure about where I should start. This isn't necessarily because my trip to the native country was a particularly eventful one, mind you - it's just that I've had some variation of the Indian Death Flu eating up my brains for the last week, so thinking has proven to be a little more challenging than I would have liked. That said though, I'm not particularly surprised that I came down with something. Traveling through India is, for the lack of a better description, like taking a walk on the wrong side of a shooting gallery. It's not a matter of "if" you're going to get hit with something - really, it's just a matter of when. And how many times.

If you thought that life on the road was hard before, try traveling with my family sometime. It'll make you want to believe in God, or at the very least, in his sick sense of humorCollapse )

I apparently come from a long line of Indian Vikings. Very drunk, very high, very destructive Indian Vikings. Who knew?Collapse )

Roads and family aside, there was one more notable thing about this trip - the aforementioned death flu. I've had it for about two weeks, and it's still refusing to die. Ugh. I really, really, dislike sounding like someone who has smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for the last twenty years. I really hope this goes away soon.

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13 July 2008 @ 08:35 am
I have never professed to being a warrior. I do not enjoy taking life, and I do not delight in attempting to wipe out entire societies. I do not enjoy seeing other beings suffer, and I most certainly do not use violence as my primary course of action unless the situation absolutely calls for it. I have never professed to being a warrior, and yet, I have engaged in intermittent warfare with a ruthless enemy for the last seven years.

It all began with a jar of cookies.

My grandmother is one of those people who has always seemed old. Maybe this is because she has claimed to be at Death's doorstep for the last twenty years, or maybe, it's the fact that she never seems to change out of her nightgown whenever I come to visit. It doesn't matter. My grandmother is old, and her vision has been terrible for as long as I can remember it. She has also delighted in feeding me terrifying amounts of food for as long as I can remember.

Seven years ago, I was a more innocent being. I trusted my grandmother's judgment about things, and would eat a little bit of whatever she offered, because, well, that was probably the only thing keeping her alive (according to her, anyway). I was watching TV when she offered me the jar of cookies. Distracted by something that was wonderfully mind-numbing, I grabbed a cookie, took a couple of bites, and...

...tasted blood.

Before I knew it, my mouth was on fire. Confused, I ran to a nearby basin and spat the remnants of the cookie out, and was shocked to find it swarming with ants. When I looked in the mirror to take a closer look at my mouth, I was horrified with what I saw. My mouth was swarming with angry ants, and the bits of my tongue that weren't being attacked by those horrible creatures were covered with pools of blood.

I don't think I've seen my grandmother laugh so hard in her life. That part however, is immaterial. The ants are the important bit here, and there's little else to be said about them, except that they were everywhere that summer - in the shower, in my bed, in my food, and most unhappily, in my pants. The last of these incidents was the final straw. I declared war on these horrid creatures, and vowed to wipe them out, if it was the last thing I ever did.

And so the war began, and it was ruthless. The ants had previously shown me no mercy, and I had quickly realized that the only way to best these creatures was to beat them at their own game. I squashed what must have been thousands of them, and shortly before I left, saw to it that an exterminator was hired. The war seemed to end there. There was some sporadic fighting over the next few years, but the ants never seemed to fully recover from that first year. I was beginning to think that I had won.

My victory however, as I quickly found out this year, was short lived. The ants were back. While they never managed to get their numbers back into the thousands, they had gotten bigger, stronger, and more ruthless. They also never forgot me. Almost every night since I've been here, they've sent a champion or two to engage me in mortal combat. These champions are not regular ants - they're about two to three inches long, have jaws that can easily draw blood, and have exoskeletons that are extremely resilient against traditional forms of extermination that I'd employed in the past (READ: Various forms of blunt trauma). These champions never travel alone. They command small armies of mosquitoes, and less often, moths. I've formed alliances with the local lizard and spider populations, but my allies are often overwhelmed by the sheer numbers our enemies possess.

Despite these setbacks however, my victories have been as brutal as they have been absolute. The champions have gotten craftier and and tougher with each assault, so I write this entry as something of a possible final goodbye. I have never professed to being a warrior, and I don't find the idea of an honorable death on the battlefield even remotely appealing. These things happen though, so don't mourn my passing if I should fall. Because really, the last thing I'm going to want to haunt as a ghost is a bunch of crybabies.
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Two weeks ago, man-tiara started falling apart. This shouldn't have surprised anyone, since I've had those glasses (well, that frame, anyway) since I was fifteen. While they've served me well in the last nine or so years, I think that even the best frames can only last for so long before they start to fall apart. My poor glasses unfortunately, were no exception. Being reasonably broke (like a good grad student should be) I went to my parents for help. The conversation that followed led me down and winding road that ultimately resulted in a masked man taking a scalpel to my eye. I'll get to that part later, though. First, the conversation:

'Blash: Uh, Mom? Dad? The temple on my glasses fell off. Do you know where I could get these repaired?
Dad: Give it up, son. Nobody will replace those. Get yourself a new pair of glasses.
'Blash: New glasses cost moneys, though! Moneys that I don't have! ;.;
Mom: Wow. Sucks to be you.
'Blash: Well, could I have some help with replacing these, then?
Mom: Nope.
Dad: Nope. It's gonna cost us a few hundred dollars. You should have signed up for optical insurance.
'Blash: So, I'm on my own then?
Mom: Yep. Unless...
'Blash: Unless...?
'Blash: You mean, like LASIK?
Mom: Exactly.
'Blash: ...And, um...how much is that going to cost me, again?
Dad: Somewhere in the neighborhood of ~$3,000.
Mom: We can!
'Blash: So, um, couldn't you just get me a new pair of glasses, then?
Dad: No, they're too expensive. It's lasers or nothing, son.
'Blash: ...
'Blash: o.O;
'Blash: -_-;
'Blash: *sigh* Fine. Thanks, I guess.

Now, you've got to understand something about me. I hate putting things in my eyes. I get fidgety with eyedrops, and given how light sensitive my eyes are, I'm weird about anything shining into them. Needless to say, the consult was not a happy experience for me. Between the blinding lights, the people holding my eyes open, multitudes of eye drops, and my own heightened sense of anxiety, I was freaking out. In retrospect, the entire experience wasn't too bad. At that moment in time though, I was in agony.

...Despite the harrowing consult though, I decided to go through the procedure anyway. The doctors had prescribed some Valium for me to use on the day of the surgery, so I hoped that it would eliminate most of the anxiety I felt going in. Besides, it was free, and I had nothing to lose, right? RIGHT?!? Well, I hoped not. The waiver I signed prior to the procedure did nothing to ease my discomfort, though.

I showed up at the LASIK center at about 2:00 yesterday. After about two hours of waiting and prepping (mostly waiting), they finally ushered me in, put a shower cap on my head, handed me a teddy bear to hold on to, and and directed me to a chair, all the while reassuring me everything was going to be okay.

I mustn't have believed them, because I was trembling the entire time. I was beyond anxious now. I was scared out of my wits. The Valium substitute they'd given me had failed epically. I don't think that teddy bear had been squeezed so hard in its life.

They started out by putting eyelid speculum on each of my eyes to hold them open. That was uncomfortable. Next they turned a vacuum on to stop the flow of blood to my eye. That was scary. Finally, they scraped a thin layer off the top of my cornea with a specialized scalpel. That was mortifying.

...By the time they'd repeated the procedure on both eyes though, I'd calmed down significantly. While it was somewhat uncomfortable (AND BLINDING! OH, I HATES THE LIGHTS!), it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. The rest of the procedure involved me starting into a bright light while the surgeons shot lasers into my cornea and fiddled with who-knows-what.

...All in all it took about fifteen minutes, and the difference was noticeable immediately afterwards. While things were still a little blurry afterward, I didn't need glasses afterwards. That, admittedly, was kinda nifty.

I came home as soon as the procedure was over and slept for a couple of hours. When I woke up, my eyes were on FIRE. My eyes were even more light sensitive after I woke up than they'd been previously. It sucked, but it wasn't anything that a few eyedrops couldn't fix. My eyes are fine now, except for a few blotches of blood in each eye from the suction yesterday. I've included a picture below for the morbidly curious.

cut for squickCollapse )

After inquiring about it at my follow-up today though, I've heard that it's perfectly natural, and better yet, my eyes are healing wonderfully. Yay for that much, I guess! I'm still adjusting to the four different types of eye-drops that I need to routinely put in my eyes for the next week, but other than that, I think I'm just happy I can see again. Yay!

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01 April 2008 @ 10:02 pm
I don’t know what it is about Spring. The air is fresh, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and couples…well, they’re breaking up. Maybe this just happens to people I know, but every spring, like clockwork, I see relationships end, leaving my friends and/or their significant others unhappy and frustrated, making for a very interesting contrast with the gorgeous and overly cheerful outdoors.

This Spring unfortunately, has been no different. My sister Amy just broke up with Jeff, the person that she’s been seeing for a year now. Needless to say, she’s pretty torn up about it. Breakups suck. Especially breakups that involve first loves. I probably don’t need to tell you folks about that, though. Most of you have probably experienced it for yourselves.

Nick hasn’t been so lucky either. This isn’t a surprise, since Nick has always been gifted at scaring away the ladies. Still, e-mails from pseudo-girlfriends-but-not-really-girlfriends ending something that was a relationship but not a relationship can still suck. Especially if you’re a person that’s used to excelling at just about everything you do. That’s the funny thing about love, isn’t it? You can be the most well-adjusted, super-prepared, cautious person ever, and it can still catch you off-guard and leave you a mess. Again, I guess I don’t really need to tell you folks about that either.

Now, some of you must be wondering, “Hm…all this talk about breakups seems kind of ominous. Are ‘Blash and Mel having issues?” I’m going to dismiss those concerns right now. Mel and I are fine. This story isn’t about Mel, though. It’s a story about Nick, Amy, and myself, and really a story about how breakups can really open a Pandora’s Box of stupid crap that can consume a person entirely.


I guess I should start from the beginning.

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18 March 2008 @ 07:25 pm
The beautiful thing about grad school is that it allows you to completely drop off the face of the earth without making people wonder where you’ve gone. Sure, there are freaks like the_n_channel who still manage to update their livejournal regardless of this grad-school craziness, but for the most part, the rest of us try to survive what eventually turns into an experience that consists of little more than small chunks of free time and sleep interrupted by large stretches of paper writing. All that said though, I’d be lying (a little) if I said that life has boring since my last entry.

Nothing gets you extra credit points like leaving class early to go to a sex-shop with your teacher. ♥Collapse )

Oh, the tangled webs we weave. *smirk* We do what we have to do to keep our dirty little secrets hidden, yeah?Collapse )


Great evils aside though, everything else is, well, pretty normal. I've been relentlessly deluged by papers all semester, but next week is my last week of school. Well, until the week after anyway, when my new semester starts. I'm really hoping that being a counselor is going to be worth all this, or I'm going to be one depressed shrink when I finally get out of school. Until then though, I'm enjoying life, despite all its craziness. Speaking of craziness though, I've got papers to get back to. So, um, I guess that's my cue to exit. Until next time, folks! Ciao! ♥
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22 January 2008 @ 07:15 pm
While I admit that I don't post as much anymore, look on the bright side! I'm averaging an entry a month, so at least I'm totally regular, right? I mean, look at it this way: If a month went by, and I didn't post, that could only mean that your journal was pregnant, and really, nobody is ever ready for that sort of thing. I mean, I suppose there are people that can handle multiple blogs at once, but I've always been a one blog kind of guy. I tried two, but it failed. Terribly. Guess I suck at multitasking.

Since this is my first post of the New Year, Happy 2008! Now, a lot of you are probably going, "Huh? What do you mean, Abilash? It's been 2008 for weeks now!". That makes sense. You'd be correct if you weren't wrong.

The way I see it, the New Year hasn't really arrived until I stop writing "2007" in the year column on just about everything. I'm actually pretty terrible about that sort of thing. Sometimes, I'll even go backwards in time, forwards in space, and sideways in line, just because this whole year change stuff is really super confusing. So, a couple of days after the New Year, you'll see me putting down things like, "2007", "3385", "purple", "Megaclite", and "1999". You know, if I had it my way, every year would be 1999. With so many nines in there, you can't possibly go wrong. Don't you dare argue with me on this. ♥

Anyway, since the New Year is a wonderful excuse to try new things, I celebrated this opportunity by squandering it completely for the first few bits of 2008. What can I say? Between school and work, my brains are a soft, pulpy goo. Mmm. Delicious.

Not content with simply being delicious however, I decided to try something new all the same. I mean, I'd tried plenty of new things in 2007, so I figured I'd keep this awesome trend going. I celebrated this decision by going to see Russell Peters at the Tempe Improve this Sunday. See, I'd never been to a stand-up show before, so being able to go with a supa awesome entourage (consisting of the_n_channel, his friend Siddhi, my sister, her boyfriend, and the always wonderful melypunch), essentially guaranteed it would be a wonderful night.

Needless to say, I was pretty blown away. I didn't care much for two out of the four comedians that performed, but both Russell and his friend Yoshi were fantastic. I only wish the show had gone on for longer.

Speaking of fantastic things, I also had a chance to go see Juno. Since I'd had no prior intention of going to see the movie, I suppose I have to give the_n_channel his due: the movie was as wonderful as it was refreshing and funny. If you haven't had a chance to go see it yet, I'd highly recommend it. ♥

Hm...I think that about covers it for now, so I should probably get going! See you in a month! Or two. Or three. Or...

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18 December 2007 @ 09:51 pm
Yay! School is finally over, and I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! For now. It's been ages since I've updated this thing (sorry!), so a lot of you have probably been wondering about what's going on with me. The simple answer? Not much. I still have a couple of important notes of interest for those of you who desperately need a 'Blashy fix. Just be warned though, I wasn't kidding when I said that there wasn't much going on. Heh. Anyway, onwards! And stuff!

In other news, yay! I'm done with my first semester of grad school! Transition semesters are usually terrible for me, but this went pretty well. I managed my first 4.0 in ages. Since I'm probably still not going to have it next semester, I'm going to gawk and look at it as much as possible, because this'll probably be the last one I see for the rest of my academic career.


Oh, and I also saw The Golden Compass recently. The movie is terrible for more reasons than I care to list here. Go read the book instead if you're thinking of seeing it. If you've read the book already, save yourself some money and go read it again. You'll thank me later. In the meantime, I've got to get going. Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone! Bye! ♥
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I'm bouncing to: Go Beyond!! - Ryu☆ Vs. Sota
29 October 2007 @ 04:39 pm
Life has been a little hectic as of late, so I don't believe I've made an "actual" entry since...what was it, August? Wow. Worry not, though! While I haven't been able to post much or comment, I've definitely been keeping up with all of your entries! So yeah, I'm totally stalker-fabulous right there. Word. Mmm...anyway. Onwards to the entry!

So, yeah, that's basically it. All in all, it was just a really fancy way to say "SCHOOL. WORK. DEAD BLASH.", but most of you are ever-so-curious about details, so I totally had to cater to my eager fanbase. ♥

Other than that though, life is good. The birthday fiasco has blown over, if only temporarily, so things are peaceful at home again. There's also a trip to the Grand Canyon coming up this weekend, and it's something that I'm really looking forward to as well. It's been ages since I've been there, but really, I'm just happy to be traveling again and getting away from life, if only for a little while.

*sighs happily*

So, yeah. Life is good. ♥
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I'm bouncing to: Emerald Tiger - Vanessa-Mae
12 October 2007 @ 09:23 pm
Mely and I spotted this on Tuesday as we were driving to lunch. I wasn't able to get a picture of it until yesterday, and I'd feel terrible if I didn't share it with the rest of you:

Jesus vs. Chuck Norris: The Reckoning?Collapse )
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I'm bouncing to: Environmental Product - Brisk & Vagabond
19 September 2007 @ 12:31 am
AHOY, MATEEEEEEEEEYS! I pilfered this here album from a hapless website a year or two ago, it be quite the, uh, unique, um, thingie. Still, I haven't yet had an excuse yet t' share it with me favoritest landlubbers across the seven seas...until now! Now that it be Talk-like-a-pirate-day, I finally have an excuse t' inflict you with this! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

...I warn ye, lads (and lasses). Turn back now, if ye be weak of heart. This be every bit as awful and terrible as the title promises!



...Last chance.



♥ Walk the plank! ♥
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I'm bouncing to: Blackbeard's Treasure - Captain Dan and The Scurvy Crew
07 September 2007 @ 10:52 pm
I don't really do memes anymore, but well, this one seemed interesting, so I just couldn't resist. I'm not tagging anyone, though.

"1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about your significant other.
2. Tag seven people to do the same."

1. Mely usually has a song stuck in her head at any given moment. On the rare occasions where she doesn't, any seemingly innocuous word, phrase, or gesture is usually enough to unleash a musical torrent that even the gods would be hard pressed to suppress. Thank the stars she can sing.
2. She dyes her hair often. Once a season is usually the bare minimum for this sort of thing.
3. Despite living in Arizona for most of her life, Mely has never seen the Grand Canyon.
4. She was born late. Two weeks late. Maybe that's why her mother hates her so much.
5. She's got a thing for wearing other peoples' underwear when she's out of the country. Don't ask.
6. Mely can't control herself when she finds delicious Korean food in front of her. The results are often hilarious.
7. Mely was originally supposed to be named "Erin", but her Dad decided on "Melissa" somewhere along the way. She prefers the former to the latter and will actually identify herself as such from time to time. 
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18 August 2007 @ 11:53 pm
So, um, the day-after tomorrow (Monday, August 20th) just happens to be my birthday. Since celebrating my birthday without my awesome friends would make it decidedly less awesome, I was thinking we should probably grab dinner (I don't really know what our other options would be, since it's a school night and all), because, well, all the best birthdays have food, and I'd really like mine to fall into that category. *grin*

Anyway, I was thinking that we'd probably grab dinner at the Chili's at Elliot at ~7:00 PM on Monday (because dude, OMGDESSERTSQUEEELIEKWHOA). If you're reading this, chances are that I'd be more than pleased to see you there. I've got to get going now, as I should probably be getting to bed soon. Ciao! I hope to see you there!
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I'm bouncing to: Kiss! - BEENY & PINK BUNNY
09 August 2007 @ 05:06 am
Well, I got back from India about a week or so ago, and boy, do I have stories. Unfortunately, I don't have very much, since a lot of the stuff from this entry is still true, but I still return with tales that'll shock and astound! Er...or at the very least, mildly amuse.

Crazy stories aside though, I'm glad I'm finally back home. I've missed you all terribly, and it's really awesome to be back amongst the people that I love and care about. Still, it's getting late though, so I should probably get going, because I'm not going to be of very little use to anyone in this state. I'll catch up my Friends Page and Facebook tomorrow, but for now...*yawn*...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
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I'm bouncing to: GOLD RUSH - DJ YOSHITAKA-G feat. Michael a la mode
30 July 2007 @ 07:32 am

I'm not a person who talks about my past a lot. This isn't news to those of you who are extremely close to me, but chances are that you've probably wondered why this might be at one point or the other. Hiding my past from people is not something I deliberately do. It's just part of how I operate. Part of it is a trust thing. There are things that have happened in my past that I want to keep secret, because really, bringing it up at this point will probably just garner me pity and comfort, which, while always appreciated, is not something I want when it comes to things like this.

For the most part, anything that's happened since the year 2000 or so has always been fair game. I'm usually more than happy to talk about high school and my life in New Jersey, because I think that's about when my life began to turn around, and really, in a lot of ways was when I began the long process of becoming the person I am today. I'll sometimes even go as far back as 1996, but anything beyond that is something that I will, in most cases, absolutely refuse to volunteer unless I wholeheartedly trust the person I'm talking to. Even then however, anything I share is going to be strictly anecdotal or general. While there are one or two extremely specific exceptions, this rule holds true regardless of who I'm talking to.

If you've at all talked to me about things that aren't silly or 'Blashy, you know where I'm going with this.

Boarding school.

I first started attending Good Shephered International School (or Good Shepherd Public School, as it was called at the time) back in 1988, when I was three and a half. I stayed there until I was almost twelve. I do not exaggerate when I refer to that era as "the worst eight years of my life". Still. It's hard not to grow connected to a place after spending my entire childhood there. Even if I did hate every second of it with a fiery passion.

It's been almost eleven years since I left, so you must all be wondering "Why now?". If I'm trying to put all of this behind me, bringing up all this right now would be completely counterproductive, right?

...Well, it's kind of hard to forget a place when you suddenly find yourself there again.

Yeah, I went back. I was in the vicinity of the school on a recent family trip to that general area, and I decided to stop by, just to check things out. We weren't really allowed to stay on the campus for long, as we didn't have official clearence of any sort, but the fifteen minutes I got to spend there happened to be nothing short of profound.

It's scary how little things change in eleven years. As I walked through the old campus, everything just came back to me at once, despite the fact the place is about as big as a small city. I saw the rink where I first learned to roller skate. The kennels where I used to walk the dogs. The old outdoor stages where I used to lead assemblies. The old hospital where I'd go for skinned knees, elbows, random scrapes, and dental appointments.

I saw my old dorms, the dining hall where I learned to hate so many different foods, and old bathrooms that used to give me nightmares. I also met people who still remember me as the scared, shy, little eleven year-old I was when I left that awful place. I guess I never really forgot it all because, well, I never wanted to. I don't think I ever realized just how big a part of me that place was until I went back and saw it all again.

While all this was nice though, I don't think I'll ever go back again. If anything, my little trip back just reaffirmed that there's nothing left for me there. I'm not that shy eleven year old anymore. I've got a new life, new friends, new hopes, new dreams, and well, more blessings than I know what to do with.

...Still, though. As I think about all this, I can't help but wonder where I'll be eleven years from now. I think I've got a general idea of where I want to be, but for the most part, I'm as clueless as ever. For once though, I find myself welcoming the unexpected. That's just part of growing up too, I suppose.

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02 July 2007 @ 10:21 am
You know, I don't really travel much anymore. Sure, I go places with my family from time to time, but it's been a good long time since I've actually gone anywhere on my own (or in the company of people I can actually stand to be around). This has been getting better in the last six months or so (Hey! Sierra Vista totally counts as an exotic destination!), but I think my recent trip to the East Coast was really the first time I've left Arizona (for a place that *isn't* India ) since graduating high school. (EDIT: Nevermind. Thought of lots. I guess I really have gotten *LOTS* better about this in the last year or so. Hee.)

I left on the 22nd of June for Rhode Island to see defnight and minimoose350 (er...except that I didn't get to see him since he got summoned to the Navy early, but it's the thought that counts, right?) before heading off to Bowlmanifest in Massachusetts. I'd initially hoped to stop by in Pennsylvania to see ozymandiusjones and maybe Livingston to see my old hometown, but well, money woes suck, so I just stuck with Rhode Island.

The weather in Rhode Island this time of year is absolutely wonderful. Granted, there's not much to see there, but the fun breezy goodness made walks incredibly delightful! That, and there were swings! I felt like a total ninja every night when I snuck into a nearby elementary around 10:00ish, and just played on the swings for hours. It was wonderful and bittersweet all at once. On one hand, playing on the swings allowed me to relive some of the funnest bits of my childhood. On the other hand, playing on the swings also made me think of (and miss) melypunch lots and lots, because she's normally my partner in crime when it comes to walking about and playing on swings at odd hours of the night. ♥

As for Bowlmanifest '07 itself, well, it was interesting. It was definitely an interesting experience to meet and interact with people that only knew me as "darkam...something" (Is my username really that hard to say? Yikes! I had no idea so many people had trouble with it!) and play all sorts of fun games I'd otherwise not have access to. Up until about Saturday though, I'd already decided that I wasn't going back next year. The trip had proven to be incredibly expensive, and while Jennifer is fun to hang out with, I found myself missing the people back home terribly.

Saturday, however, changed all that. The kors k concert that night was nothing short of amazing. I mean, I'd never been to a concert before, so really, it was quite the experience. I had what was probably the best spot in the house (I was right in front of him for most of the performance, and it was crazy and awesome and *squee*!), and the atmosphere during the entire performance was nothing short of electric. It's definitely something I wouldn't mind experiencing again next year.

If I have a chance to go back though I absolutely will *NOT* fly standby again. Ever. My two days of travel saw me waiting for a total of approximately eighteen hours, and when you combine this fact with about five or six other major and minor catastrophes that inflicted themselves on my trip, 'Blash was extremely unhappy with the way the actual traveling portion of the trip turned out. Ugh. Still, now that I'm back home though, I am, at the very least, glad I saved ~$300 on my trip because of it. It almost made the whole ordeal worth it. Almost.

Speaking of trips though, I'll be leaving for India in three days, so I guess I should also probably take this time to say goodbye. I'm going to miss all of you very much. I don't know if I'll have much in the way of Internet access over there, but if I can get *anything* at all, I'll be sure to try to keep myself updated on your lives via the awesomeness that is my friends page. If not, well, I'll try to bring ya'll back some stories, because well, all of you are probably expecting as much anyway. I've got to run off and start packing now, so I've got to get going! Bye, everyone! Love you lots! ♥
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06 June 2007 @ 10:21 pm
In the twenty-two or so years that I've been alive, I've been hard pressed to find something more pleasing than something I'd deem a "perfect afternoon". Sure, I've had a lot of good and great afternoons over the course of my life, I don't really think you can really understand just how amazing a perfect afternoon really is until you experience it for yourself. Between the ice cream, the swings, the conversation, the company, the science, the absolutely gorgeous weather, and the pre-pubescent boys serenading melypunch and I with badly sung pop/rap music, it was, well, an experience. ♥

Still, all that aside though, I think what amused me the most was the fact that the aforementioned boys took it upon themselves to coach me on my cuddling technique. Now, I might not be the most experienced person in the world when it comes to these things, but I'd always thought of myself as fairly adept at what I was doing. Until today. After being unable to make any working sense of the words, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? YOUR HANDS ARE ON HER FACE! KISS HER! KISS HER! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO KISS HER?!? GOD, IT'S SO SIMPLE! JUST STICK YOUR TONGUE IN HER MOUTH AND VIBRATE IT!!!", I'm torn between two conclusions:

1. My technique is severe need of work, because I'm still not sure about how I'm supposed to "vibrate" my tongue.
2. I don't speak adolescent as well as I used to. Hm. If that's indeed the case, it's nothing that being dropped on my head a couple of times can't fix. ♥

Mmm~. Anyway. While I'm on the topic of Mely, I suppose it's worth mentioning that I stole her away to Sierra Vista for the weekend. While Sierra Vista isn't exactly a romantic getaway by any stretch of the imagination, the mountains and the stars (ESPECIALLY THE STARS...*squee*) were incredible. Given that Sierra Vista is about seventy or so years behind the rest of the world when it comes to the embracing of newfangled technology (STREETLIGHTS?!? THEY PH33R!!1!), the town usually gets pitch black at about 10:00 PM or so. Couple this with the fact that Sierra Vista is nestled away somewhere in the mountains, the view at nighttime is incredible. Needless to say, both the 'Blash and the Mely squeed aplenty on their walk through Sierra Vista's unlit streets. Oh, that, and it was nice not to have to go rushing home when the clock hit 9:15. Many woots for escaping the parental units (both mine and Mely's).

That aside though, it was wonderful to see my Malex again. There was much eating of delicious food, trampoline awesomeness, and Katamari yayness. All in all, fun times for everyone, so yay! Anyway, I've got a few other things going on in my life right now, but I don't feel like cluttering this squee-inducing entry with grad-school related junk, so just ask me in person if you're curious. Until then however, I must take my leave, so bye~! ♥
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I'm bouncing to: gift ~Duo Version~ - Lia
12 May 2007 @ 12:02 am
You know, the wonderful thing about milestones is that they encourage you to look back on your life, observe how you've grown, and reflect on everything that's made you the person you are today (and really, by "you", I mean "me", at least in this case). Today was one of those special days where I hit another such milestone (no, not with my car, you smartasses): After four very interesting years, I've finally graduated from college.

I'm not sure how I should be feeling, really. Right now there's just this sense of numb acceptance that it's really over. I mean, I figured that once I was actually up on stage, right there in front of my friends and family (On that note, thank you for coming down, hweyernc. It really meant a lot to me to see you there. Sorry I couldn't spend as much time with you as I would have liked, though. ♥), it'd hit me for real, but no. There was no euphoria or anxiety or sadness. Just a very general feeling of, "Oh, okay. That was nice".

Still. Thinking about graduating from college sent me furiously piecing through both my old xanga and my journal, and it's really crazy to see how much I've grown and matured in such a short time. I'm sure that this is, in no small part, thanks to the wonderful people I've met and come to love in the last four years, so, uh, if you're reading this right now, thank you. I wouldn't be where I am today (um, wherever that is, exactly) without all of you.

(Oh, and I suppose the people at THEM deserve a very special thanks, because well, you were super awesome for taking me in and being there for me back when I was a confused, lonely Freshman, and needed that sort of thing the most. I shall be eternally grateful to you all. ♥)

On that note though, I suppose the most important things I got from college can't be measured on a test or listed in a resumé. The most important things I got from my time in college are all right here. *taps heart* ♥


Okay. 'Blash is done being cheesy for now because he needs his sleep. I've got a big day tomorrow, in more ways than one. I leave you all with one final question, though. I know that I've changed in the last four years. While I know how I see myself in the context of these changes, I'd be interested in knowing what other people think. So~, I'm curious. How have I changed in the last four years or so (or really, since I've met you, if you met me more recently)? You may answer the question any way you wish. There are no limits or restrictions here, folks. Good night!  ♥
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I'm bouncing to: EternuS - Sanxion7
03 May 2007 @ 04:50 am
Twenty four pages.



Fourteen straight hours of work.

Stupid. Computer.

Microsoft. DIE. A24J2343J3KHDKSHVGSKDJ.

*rocks back and forth in the fetal position*

Yes, my pretty. Gone. All gone. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

No, precious. The stupid blocks and symbols and evil will care for us now. YESSSSSSSSSS. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


bAd SQuirrel?!?1




*rocks back and forth in the fetal position*




Okay, I'm back to normal now, but this is going to be fun. I've made up fourteen straight hours of work in six before. Except that I don't have six hours. I've got to be at work in three. This is going to a horrible day. I just know it. *giggles nervously*

Ah, well. Could be worse, I suppose. How I don't know, but it could. Probably. ♥

*sighs and runs off to start salvaging things*
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I'm bouncing to: the Love Bug - m-flo ♥ BoA
24 April 2007 @ 11:50 pm
So, uh, I drove down to Sierra Vista this weekend with the_n_channel  for Malex's wedding. Boy, was that an interesting trip. Bite sized tidbits ahoy, captain!

Other than all that though, life has been hectic. I'm graduating in two weeks, and finals, tests, and theses papers have been eating my soul. On the bright side of it all though, I've also been "doing research" with melypunch for the last couple of weeks, and things have been wonderful. What can I say? Anyone who's willing to overlook my two nutty boyfriends, crazy husband, and sadistic wife for the purposes of advancing science must definitely be something special. ♥

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I've got homework that needs doing and sleep that needs catching. *runs off*
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I'm bouncing to: shining stars (Ryu☆&MC Natsack MIX) - KOJA YUKINO
10 April 2007 @ 10:41 am
On the message boards at one of the music trackers I frequent, one of the posters wondered out loud if such a thing as "Christian Hardcore Techno" existed. That kinda lead to this:

DJRoboZ: Well since there's christian metal to piss off the satan worshippers. There has to be christian trance to piss off the Satanic ravers. So in other words. There has to be a christian anything in any kind of genre to ward off the evil that is in our music nowadays.
darkamdusias: Is that so? Well, in that case, I demand more Christian porn music!

I'm bouncing to: Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 3, CD1 - Mixed by Darren Styles
Ah, it's that glorious time of year again (but uh, exactly a week late, because uh, I kinda spaced the date. Hehe!). The rules are the same as they were last year:

Give me (or Abilash!) a compliment, and we shall thank you by replying with a picture of a fish to commemorate the very awesome annual phenomenon we all know as "Fish For Compliments Day"! You may then post this to your journal if you wish, so that you can spread the love! Cheers!

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I'm bouncing to: VANESSA - 朱雀
05 March 2007 @ 02:45 pm
You know, between the whopping ZERO hours of sleep I got last night, the cold I'm losing the battle against, and my car dying a little while ago, it hasn't been a good day so far. Couple this with the fact that my school day has yet to begin, and there are still tests that need taking, and this is probably the worst day I've had in a long time. Still. I can't help but feel strangely optimistic. Life is like a see-saw, yes? So, if Newton's ghost has anything to say about this, things are going to be AMAZING soon!

...I hope.

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I'm bouncing to: CaptivAte ~裁き~ - DJ YOSHITAKA feat. A/I
22 February 2007 @ 10:01 pm
As of about 8:45 P.M. tonight, Excalipick finally hit Level 100. Bob has been destroyed, and the Evil Potatoes are never coming back. It's been a fun ride, but now we've come to a crossroads. What am I going to do with Excalipick exactly? I've figured that since you all have about as much claim to the toothpick as I do, we should all make this decision together. ♥


a. Retire it, frame it, and stick a "BREAK IN CASE OF EMERGENCY!!!" sticker to the glass. You never know when it might come in handy again.
c. You could always, uh, clean your teeth with it I guess?
d. Sell it on eBay for BILLIONS!
e. None of the above/awesome write-in answer.

Choose well! ♥
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I'm bouncing to: SKIP TO SKIP - Ryu☆
18 February 2007 @ 12:22 pm
Lessons learned after last night:

1. Never, ever, EVER play with a teacher's balls if you know what's good for you. This rule also extends to shoes, score cards, and any number of other things. Well, that is, unless you enjoy looking like a well-seasoned scratching post.
2. Just because it's green and pretty doesn't mean it's good for you.
3. Drunk Abilash apparently adores Dave more than sober Abilash.
4. I harbor a secret fear of both Trojans and their horses.
5. I too, can look like my sister if I grew my hair out and started wearing contacts. Then, all the guys in THEM would like me more than they already do. That however, would require giving up man-tiara, and that's simply not an option. ♥
6. If this whole Psychology thing doesn't go through, I have an exciting career in spam-mail writing ahead of me.
7. T.G.I. Fridays is the devil. You'll be tasting their tomatoes all night.
8. When Duckie hands you a shot glass and says, "Here, Abilash! Drink this!", taking him up on it is not always such a good idea.
9. Having feeling in one's face is something that a lot of people take for granted.
10. Finally, I would be the greatest homeless-wandering-drunk monk ever, because I inspire people. I'm not really sure what I inspire them to do exactly, but that's small potatoes. That said though, it's a shame that so many career paths open up to me only when I'm drunk. I mean, I love my liver, so chances are that unless someone is willing to let me get away with working only one or two nights a year, this is about where by dreams die. Ah, well. That's life (especially this close to a Monday), I suppose.
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I'm bouncing to: Cillit Bang (Original Mix) - JAKAZiD Feat. Barry Scott
23 January 2007 @ 01:30 am
Amy: *eyes nails*
'Blash: Eep. That sucks.
'Blash: You know, you could always do what I do when I paint my nails in a sucktacular fashion.
Amy: Hmm? What's that?
'Blash: Wear a low-cut shirt.
Amy: o.O;
Amy: O.O;
Amy: You know, that's exactly what I was going to do . XD
Blash: *giggles* XD

On another, less strange note, I'm planning on going to Bowlmani Festival '07 later this year (June 28-July 1, if you were curious). Given that I'm actually making a conscious effort to put money towards the trip this year, chances are that I'm actually going to get to go this time around. In addition to all the awesome Bemanis that are going to be present, there are also going to be three awesome musicians (and a few other not so awesome ones) performing at the event, namely:

- DM Ashura
- kors k


- Ryu☆!!!

Yes Ryu☆! This is incredibly exciting, as I have a chance to see on of my favoritest artists ever in concert, and such an opportunity might not present itself again. Needless to say, I have to go. If any of you guys would like to come along though, you are more than welcome to, as splitting hotel costs with someone will save me a ton of cash (the current rates are $90 for two people, and $99 for four). I'm going to make reservations in a couple of days, so if you're interested, just holler at me or something. In the meantime though, I need to go, as I have to be up for work in a few hours. Byee~! ♥♥♥♥♥

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I'm bouncing to: Everytime We Touch [Ballad Version] - Cascada
31 December 2006 @ 01:23 am
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I'm bouncing to: Endless Summer Story - DJ Yoshitaka feat. 星野奏子
I know I haven't updated for a while, but, uh, that's not my fault. ASU West has been rife with floating piranhas, and I've been unable to go online as much, as I've been too busy trying to make a deal with God, Microsoft, Google, or whoever else had the power to save my skin. Now don't get me wrong. I'm pretty sure I could have handled them all myself, but I hate that dead fish smell. I mean really, victory should never smell like fish. At the very least, it should smell like Febreeze over the scent of fish or something. Wait, wait. I don't know if that's necessarily any better. You get the idea, though.

Speaking of victories, I came out of my hellish semester alive. Until now, I'd secretly wondered where all the "OMGHARDMYBRAINISASPLODE" work was. Now that this semester is over though, I've seen that ASU had graciously decided to hold the hardest, craziest work for my last couple of semesters here, so that I'd have something to remember it by. Yeah, I hate you too. In that platonic man-hates-dog-who-gave-him-rabies sort of way. Don't ask. It's complicated.

Finally, uh, there's Christmas. I didn't get gifts for as many people this year (only around fifteen or so, har har), but the people who did get gifts got better things than they did last year. People with Amazon wish lists that I shopped for should probably have their gifts by now. The two people that I got livejournal gifts for will get theirs on Christmas day. As for the rest of you, I'm sending out cards, so if you want a guaranteed-to-be-late, super-Blashy piece of Christmas, send your mailing address to [my username] at GMail, and I shall get to it sooner or later.

Anyways, I love you guys lots, but I need to go. Works summons me. Ciao!

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I'm bouncing to: Under the Sky (Ryu☆Remix) - Ryu☆
27 November 2006 @ 10:17 am
I'm a lot like the people I'm stealing this meme from. More often than not, I tend to be pretty honest with the people I interact with. I am however, also notoriously elusive about volunteering information about the person I am and/or the workings of my mind unless I see reason to. If there's something that you've always wanted to ask me (or really, just something that you've come up with on the spot), ask away, and I'll give you a completely honest answer.

So, here's your chance. Ask me anything.
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I'm bouncing to: Someday (Styles & Breeze Remix) - Impact & Resist
13 November 2006 @ 09:52 am
Wow. This is going to be my first update in over a month. That's weird, because it doesn't really feel like it's been that long. I have however, been busy with all sorts of craziness, so it's somewhat understandable...I think.

School: It's that magical time of the semester where I turn my E's, D's, and C's into A's and B's. I was really hoping that I wouldn't find myself here again, because with graduate school fast approaching, I don't really have much time to screw around. Granted, I doubt I'll have much trouble miraculously crap into gold yet again, but I should really start taking school seriously, given that  I have only one semester of college left. Now that's just scary. I've probably said this a gajillion times already, but it seriously feels like just yesterday when I was a Freshman.  Underneath it all, I don't think I've really come to  terms with the fact that the world as I know it might be coming to an end very, very, soon.

Graduate School: Um, what? It shames me to say that I've done nothing on this front so far. I mean I've got a plan, and I know where I want to go, but I've yet to take the standardized tests or even start looking for safety schools. I mean, ASU is wonderful, and I'd love to go there for grad school, but let's be realistic here: I'm not that impressive on paper. Granted I've done a ton of extracurricular stuff, my grades are decent, and I have no shortage of good recommendations, but uh, last I checked, just about everyone else who is applying does too. ASU's counseling program is notoriously hard to get into, so while it'd be totally awesome if I got in, I'm not holding my breath.

My family: ...is insane. That's really all I'm going to say about it in public. If you've known me for any length of time though, you already know this. We're apparently going to be visiting New Mexico over Winter Break. I really, really, don't want to do this for two primary reasons:

1. There's almost  nothing to see in New Mexico.
2. My family doesn't do well on trips. Every trip we've been on has been characterized by an explosive argument of some sort. I mean, this is really not a big surprise, because if you put four different people with four *radically* different personalities in close proximity with each other for more than four hours at the time, you get the sort of thing that good episodes of COPS (if there's ever such a thing) happen to be made of. Thankfully, I manage to stay out of the chaos approximately 99.9999238% of the time, but I still have to share a room with these people, so uh, THERE IS NO ESCAPE. I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to Siren, my iPod, for helping me drown out my family, at the cost of long term damage to my hearing! Whoo!

Work: Is it strange that I need work to help keep me sane during all of this? I still love my job, and I still work a lot, but I still have no money, as there's been a ton of awesome stuff that's come out during Q4 2006. So, uh, with the holiday season coming up, I don't think I'll have to spend as much time shopping for gifts, on account of my having no money. Hee.

Game companies are out to get me:
Seriously. The last quarter of 2006 has probably been one of the best times to be a gamer...ever. Between Okami, Dance, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA and Final Fantasy XII so far, and the Wii, Twilight Princess, Final Fantasy V Advance, Final Fantasy III DS, Elite Beat Agents, and HAPPY SKY on the horizon, the little free time I have tends to be spent with my PS2 or other gaming system (hence my lack of updates). Don't even get me started on all the cool music that's coming out, or the stuff that I can't afford. My head would explode.

Facebook: Uh, yeah. For those of you who don't know yet, I got one for one reason or another.

I really, really, have to get this done. Like, now. Byee~!
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10 October 2006 @ 02:16 pm

Wow. That's time I could certainly have put to better use! *facepalm*
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29 September 2006 @ 06:44 pm
thesawg pointed out something interesting over ice cream today: I've been recognized by two different waiters in two different towns as "that toothpick guy" in the last two days. Hee. I feel loved.

(Oh, and if you were wondering, Excalipick is at +86 as I type this.)
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13 September 2006 @ 12:07 am
The apocalypse is here!

Sleepytime now. I'm going to have some interesting dreams tonight. Hehehehehehe.

*bounces off*
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11 September 2006 @ 03:19 pm
I used to keep a diary once. I'd often forego sleep and homework in an effort the to keep the thing meticulously updated, and for the most part, I'd succeeded. I'd only missed a handful of days in about four or so years, and the entries that weren't saved electronically were often saved on paper somewhere. Back then, I didn't know why I wrote: I just did. Perhaps I was just lonely. High school, had for the most part been a memorably bitter experience.

I did not however, want to admit it back then. Life in those times was a play of sorts. Every interaction with a person was like a new act, and every act saw me don a new mask. I desperately wanted to protect myself from something, but really, I didn't really know what I was scared of. I was so terrified I never took them off, except to write in that diary for a few minutes each day. I reasoned that maybe, just maybe, if I looked back on an entry a hundred tomorrows later, maybe I'd see something. I hoped that maybe if I wrote enough, maybe I see whatever it was that terrified me so.

A hundred tomorrows passed, and I never looked back. I was in college now, and I didn't really have the time or the patience to sit down every night and slave away on huge entries for hours on end. I'd long since discarded the masks and crutches I'd employed in high school. College was where I blossomed. I eventually learned to become more self-confident, and more importantly, for the first time I began to connect with the person who had for so long hidden behind the masks. As time passed, most of the masks I used to wear became useless. I began to embrace who I really was, and people came to love me for it. In turn, I came to love them all as well.

Life was bliss after that. Sure, I had issues and problems just like everyone else, but really all that seemed trivial. I was living a blessed existence. I had a tremendous amount of people that loved me, a job that was more fun than actual work, and to top it all off, I had finally started to understand just how much I was capable of. I was on top of the world.

It wasn't until about recently that I'd realized that I had let far too many tomorrows pass since I last looked into my little diary. I decided to look into it as a whim. I was invincible. Nothing in there could harm me. Nothing. Or so I thought. I read entry after entry into the late hours of the night, shocked not only at how much I'd grown up, but really, at how much I'd stayed the same. Worries and issues that I laughed at myself for panicking about years ago, suddenly didn't seem so trivial when I began to understand how I *used* to see them.

After reading a few dozen entries, I finally began to understand what it was that I had been running from. I finally saw something that I'd refused to see for so long: My own mortality. Don't get me wrong. I'd always understood that really, I could die ten minutes from now, next week, or even a hundred years from now. I just never believed it. I'd always gone out of my way to assure myself that I was, in reality, invincible to everything. Last night, all that changed. Now, I've got my own mortality staring me the face. All the masks in the world aren't going to save me now...*sigh

Well, if anything, I suppose life is going to get a whole lot more interesting soon, hmm?
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08 September 2006 @ 10:51 am
Aaaaaaaaah! Tagged again! The madness never ends!


Reply to this post, and I shall reply with a YouSendIt link to a song you I *think* you might enjoy.

Comment away!

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02 September 2006 @ 01:18 pm
Despite the fact that it hasn't really been an eventful couple of weeks, but they've been busy and somewhat stressful. Evil stress monsters however, stand little chance against DDR awesomeness for the most part, so after a few games of SuperNOVA at Golfland, I was shiny and bouncy once more. That all went to crap once the_n_channel joined me. Anyone who knows anything about (Darkest) Nick's DDR habits fears going up with him for good reason. See, he holds a special place in his heart for songs that like to rip my lungs to pieces. His love for these songs is only second to his love for making me play these songs, so, uh, *wince.

Anyway, needless to say, after a few rounds of DDR with Nick, I was dead. After he left for class, I used what was left of my strength to amble away from the DDR machine, and towards the IIDX machine, so that I could abuse my hands in the same fashion that made the rest of my body hate me. On the way there, I saw a boy (who looked about eight or so, give or take a year) playing Guitar Freaks. Since my experience with the game was limited at best, I decided to watch him play for a while. Apparently, this was really all it took for me to become his "best friend".

Overjoyed that someone was actually paying attention to him, he became my second shadow for the duration of my time there. In addition to following me around, he was very intrerested in everything I did, and insisted on joining in. Normally, I would have found this sort of thing annoying, but I felt bad for the kid. He was eight and bored, and I vaguely remember what that was like. If I remember correctly, I believe it's a lot like being twenty-two and bored, except a lot worse, since you're well, eight.

After about an hour or so, my little disciple decided that just hanging around me wasn't enough. He wanted to talk now. It just went downhill from there.

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Post this in an entry and have your friends tell you how they met you (community, other friend, etc.) and what were their first impression of you.

In other news, my birthday was awesome. Granted, I was dead for most of it (SuperNOVA ♥♥♥), but there was candy, and minigolf, and the viewing of movies that were most excellent. Good times.

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14 August 2006 @ 12:33 am
So, um, it's my birthday on Sunday, and I was figuring I should do something. After thinking about it for two seconds, I came up with something! We should all go mini-golfing and have dinner afterwards! Granted, we don't usually go mini-golfing on Sundays, but I figured it'd work, since most people should be back in town by now, and ASU doesn't really start classes until Tuesday Monday. Essentially, this pretty much boils down to a thinly veiled excuse to see all the folks I haven't seen all summer for one reason or another. Hee.

I'm thinking that we can meet up at MGL at about 5:00ish, and go from there. I'll be there a couple of hours early to get my DDR fix (SuperNOVA ♥♥♥), so if you'd like to DDR with me prior to mini-golf, you're welcome to show up then.

Well, I've got to get going, but hopefully, I'll catch some of you on Sunday! Byee~!
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As a special bonus for preordering Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories off their website, Nippon Ichi Software America gave customers this special set of Prinny cursors. Since I know that there are more than a few people on my friends list that love Prinnies as much as I do, I thought I'd share! Enjoy, doods!

(The password is "ko8flayo".)
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21 July 2006 @ 02:32 pm
My boss and I have been at war ever since I declared myself king of the office. She's repeatedly tried to crush my spirit by giving me lots of lengthy, obnoxious tasks, but I have persevered, for I am a warrior, and that is what warriors do. With her departure for a conference in California earlier this week, I decided that the time was right to strike back. After I rallied my co-workers behind me, we came up with the perfect plan (actually, THEY came up with the perfect plan):

...We decided to turn her office into a kooky warzone (and succeeded brilliantly). I advise those who are pregnant and/or have weak hearts to turn away. This pictures you are going to see are not going to be pretty (This is mostly because my phone's camera sucks, but I digress...)! Brace yourselves!

Needless to say, I'm sure she'll be begging for terms of surrender, when she comes back Monday. Ah, I love my job. ♥
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17 July 2006 @ 07:41 am
So, uh, my grandma is in a coma. If that wasn't bad enough, my mom has just been diagnosed with cancer. This is just a really, really, bad month to be related to me, I guess.

I suppose this means bad things for you all, since I consider most of you family.


In all seriousness, though. Dude. NOT COOL.
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