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(...and occasionally, those of Artemis, his loyal muse.)

20 August 1984
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This profile was created by miwasatoshi's fun quizzy thingabob! It's a little on the in-jokey side, but it should still tell you plenty about me.


No one knows what or who you are. A fairy? A pixie? An angel? Or maybe just a deranged elf from Easter Island? All they know is that one day, you came skipping into town with flowers in your hair, and from then on, you were the greatest village fool who ever lived. Really, you're no fool; just very innocent, and heedless of the ideas of propriety, or obligation, or conventional sanity. And regardless of your antics, people came to love you. Especially pretty girls. Such was the case when your town became embroiled in the Great War. You were seen to be so insane that the Imperial Army totally ignored you, and even used you as a mascot. But you soon got annoyed about the Crimson Empire's policy of hurting people. I mean, really, what was up with the hurting? After going to your favorite meadow, only to find it turned into a military camp and trampled over, you had it. These Imperials simply HAD to be in league with Evil Potato Front. So, transferring the magical, mystical power of your Excalipick (toothpick of slaying +????) into an actual war pick, you went into town and ran brandishing it at them. They all ran away, with you ever having to touch them, and you figured it was because of the awesome power of the Excalipick smiting them before you even had to hit them. Magical. Convinced that you must spread about the awesomeness now concentrated within the Excalipick, you now travel the roads of the Western Marches, spreading the word about the awesomeness of the Dance of the Moving Arrows, and serve as the greatest (and only) cleric of the Church of the Explody One, Umm the First. And everywhere you go, everybody loves you.

Your Secret: You really *are* the avatar of the divine spirit of Umm the First, who underwent apotheosis largely because he made the Almighty Father of the Gods fall on the ground laughing his ass off. The reason the Imperial Army fled at your approach is a secret only the Almighty is reserved to know.

Role: Reality Modifier
Alignment(s): Chaotic Good
Title: Totally Awesome Proclaimer of the Really Nifty Church of the Explody One, Umm the First.